Bengala Bentayga²: Is it even possible?

Bengala Bentayga² 3

Spanish tuning company Bengala Automotive Design SL has just launched its latest project. This time the target is the first Bentley SUV, the Bentayga which is designed differently and is designed to be truly ‘combat ready’.

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This new project is dubbed Bengala Bentayga². The car is a blend of standard Bentley Bentayga with off-road themes that are ready to enter the mud.

From photos circulating, it looks Bentley Bentayga Bengal pinning carbon fiber material on some of its components. It looks lighter, but the company claims that reducing weight is not the top priority.

Bengala Bentayga² 3

The most striking thing about Bengala Bentayga is that the front fascia that is made more distinct. The front area is equipped with a large bumper guard that has been modified more modern.

Its appearance is increasingly frightening thanks to the all-black color. Not to forget, a number of additional LED lights that are pinned to improve their ability to bulldoze the forest at night.

Bengala Bentayga² 2

On the front bumper and additional LEDs are also inserted and included on the roof. Shifting to the side, there is an over fender that protects the new rim of the star model and is wrapped in a semi-off-road bang. At the stern, the company pinned a new bumper and rear glass protector.

Bengala Bentayga² 1

The bottom part of Bentayga is also made higher. Suit suspension, ground clearance is made higher and the larger rim is characteristic of off-road cars. The reason is, the need to bulldoze the heavier terrain which is a necessity.

The tuning company hasn’t explained whether they will modify the engine to fit the new look. According to the official page, Bengala Bentayga will be slapped a limited edition tag with 15 units will be available with unconfirmed prices.

Bengala Bentayga²

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