Birch House by STUDIO_SUSPICION: Graceful Interior using Natural Wood

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 3

Project Birch House by STUDIO_SUSPICION is a house where young children and couples live together, and the 142.18㎡ area in Seoul, South Korea has been transformed into a graceful interior by planning long-term healthy and comfortable life.

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 4

According to the living patterns and tastes of the residents, additional objects such as wall walls were installed in the existing space to increase the convenience of use and to give a visual interior effect.

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 5

he dining table placed in the space between the living room and the kitchen has a chair on one side and a wide bench on the other side for more convenient use. The simple design dining table, which is stylish with a black metal frame and wooden panels, can be used for a variety of purposes, not only during mealtimes but also for everyday use.

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 3

The island-type countertop and the wall countertop are located together so that they can be used widely enough. Shelves boasting ample storage space on both the top and bottom of the wall allow for convenient storage and convenient storage of kitchen utensils and ingredients.

The glossy white kitchen furniture can be easily cleaned when stained so that the most important element of the kitchen, the cleanliness can stay intact for long.

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 1

The bathroom was also created using white and natural wood panels. The luxurious lighting is well expressed in the bathroom, which has a soft and warm atmosphere with the lighting on the ceiling and the top of the cabinet. Unlike ordinary bathroom furniture, the unique sink with a curved stand is unique.

Birch House By Studio Suspicion 2

The bedroom comes with a spacious window and an impressive open feeling. It seems that a large window with a panoramic outdoor view is a sensory space that does not require an additional interior.

The frame of the window is made of light-colored slim design wood. The wooden frame decoration gives a sense of unity with other spaces in the room and can create an unsophisticated and refined atmosphere.



Photograph: Ryoo, In Keun