Bridge House by Nomo Studio: Low Profile Horizontally

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 2

Located on the north coast of the island of Menorca, in the municipality of Mercadal, the Bridge House is one of many residential housing projects carried out on the island by the Nomo Studio.

The house is located on a 360 m² plot, allowing the house to maintain a low profile, spreading horizontally through it.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 10

In order to be as respectful as possible with nature, the house is segregated into smaller units formed by small polyhedral pieces that are assembled with each other to form a bridge, which is the backbone of the project.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 9

The polyhedral volumes that make up the house rotate to encompass the best views of the landscape, as well as preserving privacy and creating surprising interior spaces.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 8

Designed as a holiday home, it is designed to spend most of the time outdoors, thanks to the warm climate of the area. The main space is a large porch formed by the lower part of the bridge piers, this space being the heart of the house and the point where social interactions take place.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 7

For the design of the house, certain passive strategies were also followed to achieve an energy-efficient home, such as large porches, good thermal insulation, high ceilings, and solar protection.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 6

The Bridge House by Nomo Studio consists of a living room, dining room-kitchen, and 5 bedrooms, one of which is located in a separate room for guests.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 5

Common spaces are fully connected, but visually independent. The rooms are located on the ground floor except for the suite that is located on the first floor, connected to the living room and the kitchen, and functioning as an apartment within the house.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 4

The terraces and pool are an extension of the interior spaces, following the geometry of the volumes. The facades have continuous external insulation of considerable thickness, with a continuous white plaster.


Bridge House By Nomo Studio 3

The interior materiality contrasts with the white of the facades with the varied choice of materials. The sloping ceilings are of a pastel green color that enhances its height.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 2

The cabinets and kitchen cabinets are made of uniform pieces of light birch wood that mark the different slopes of the roof. The pavement is formed by a terrazzo in situ, only polishing the concrete until the grain is exposed.

Bridge House By Nomo Studio 1

The interior lighting is another of the most careful aspects of the project, the whole house has indirect lighting using LED strips.

The lighting is hidden above the vertical walls in such a way that sloping green ceilings, stairs, and cabinets are illuminated.


Photography: Nomo Studio