Casa 11: A Big House with Two Independent Universes and Natural Unevenness

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Located in Lago Norte, Brazil, Casa 11 is a big house designed by CoDA Architects. The main idea of this project is to highlight the upper part of the residence’s lower part as two independent universes. On the lower floor, privacy can be provided thanks to natural unevenness.


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The ground floor of this residence has a more open and integrated character and it presents little delimitation between the environments. This floor is also only demarcated by the differences in height from the central span of the room to the adjoining environments.

A couple of clients define the upper floor as “an apartment inside the house” which is used to rest where silence and privacy are valued.



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It is a big house that seeks different forms of dialogue with its surroundings based on the context and solar orientation. A relationship is given by an abstract rectangular plan and by a more generous setback for the access street to allow the garage’s discreet accommodation on the ground floor.



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Facing the main avenue of the neighborhood, the back of the lot is 2m higher than the threshold level. Besides providing privacy for the lower floor, the natural unevenness also expose the movement and noise of vehicles on the second floor.

The eastern orientation is used to ventilate the residence’s rooms which can be protected by sliding metal louvers. There are also east-facing windows that provide natural ventilation, dominating the region and protecting from rainy winds.


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Photographer: Joana França

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