IFUB* Hausfuchs: A Double House With Two Double Garages

Ifub Hausfuchs 4

The IFUB* took the Hausfuchs project and not only planned the house itself for a member of the family but also determined the interior with the central staircase down to the last detail. The private semi-detached house in Munich is planned with motto One Property, Two Houses, Four Roofs.

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A special eye-catcher in the Hausfuchs project is the central staircase – which is storage space, cloakroom, kitchen, room divider, bridge, climbing frame, light opening, and pinboard.

Ifub Hausfuchs 4

The central element of the interior design of IFUB* Hausfuchs is the staircase. This component not only links the basement, ground, and upper floors but also the access to the warehouse in the roof of the garage, which is positioned on an intermediate level.

Ifub Hausfuchs 4

Besides, various cupboards and shelves, as well as the cloakroom and parts of the kitchen were integrated into the element.

Ifub Hausfuchs 2

The stairs begin in the entrance area, where the flexibility of the concept pays off in particular in the fact that the boxes can be used on both sides. The tiled floor with its striking pattern was designed for the building owners and can also be found in the kitchen as a relaxing element.

Ifub Hausfuchs 6

The steel frame of the stairs extends into the kitchen and the entrance area and integrates the beloved existing furniture of the builders. Even the fridge is included. The bridge between the garage roof and the upper floor is located above the passage to the entrance.

Ifub Hausfuchs 5

The staircase ends in the hall on the upper floor, where it only functions as a parapet. The space reaches up to the roof and takes up the picture of a house in small details. The special shape is only created by the sloping wall to the bathroom on the left, which gives the compact bathroom airiness and the hallway special.




Photograph: IFUB*

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