Island Retreat: A Hillside Retreat with Wood Floors and Expansive Two-Story Glazing

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Coates Design Architects has completed a 2600 square feet hillside retreat located in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Island Retreat offers a cozy retreat for a small family to enjoy an island getaway. It has wood floors and expansive two-story glazing to allow the occupants to enjoy the views.



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This hillside retreat is similar to its sibling, a shoreline home called Seaview Escape which is also designed by Coates Design Architects. Island Retreat is designed with a Pacific Northwest architectural style, complete with expansive two-story glazing and wood floors.

The occupants can enjoy the beautiful view of mountains from the upper balcony through the expansive glazing. Inside, there are two cozy bedrooms with a warm fireplace.



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There is a library that overlooks a double-height living and dining space below. One can access this library through cantilevered wood “floating” stair treads.

A coastal feel in the bathrooms comes from the beach glass and light fixtures. A stone mass wall with corten panels can be found in the living space, including a fireplace and media center.

A wooded pathway that leads to the beach can create a natural transition from the home to the outdoors.



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The topography of the site has been maintained to minimize earth disturbance, especially on the steep slope. This site offers a panoramic view and a natural landscape, making the retreat a perfect place to escape from a busy city.

Architectural Features:

  • Open-concept living, kitchen, and dining area
  • Nature-inspired interior design elements


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Photographer: Lara Swimmer

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