Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina: Beauty Through Balance

Karma Gt Designed By Pininfarina 3

Karma, a brand of luxury electric car maker based in California has debuted a new electric car at the Monterey Car Week in California, United States. The car is the result of collaboration with a renowned Italian car company, Pininfarina. Therefore the car was given the name Karma GT by Pininfarina.

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The Pininfarina design company that is now owned by Indian auto giant Mahindra has been known to be a customer for luxury car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Fiat and many more.


TuenPininfarina Karma GT first introduced to the public at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2019. The car uses an electric drive wheel that has the same base as the Karma Revero GT and SC1 Vision Concept.

Karma Gt Designed By Pininfarina 3

The concept of the car’s interior uses luxury materials, such as white leather and some technology, such as an infotainment system with a digital instrument cluster.


Inspired by an amalgam of graceful curves, fluid lines and defining profiles create an energetic and emotional design language. A dynamic infusion of Karma’s California inspiration with powerful Italian Dolce Vita influence.” – Karma

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Karma claims that they will quickly put the Pininfarina Karma GT into the production line if the car gets enough interest from the public. In the later production phase, Pininfarina was set to build cars in special production facilities in Italy.

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Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer, John Maloney explained the details on why the company chose the Monterey Car Week held on August 9-18 to market their latest car. Well, in a way, choosing the right place will certainly greatly affects on the product sales.

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Karma as a brand that is known for its luxury lineup especially luxury sports sedan class, will certainly know that they just can’t just choose any random place to launch Pininfarina Karma GT. That is mostly because the market of these vehicles is very limited and can only reach certain social circles.

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Karma and Pininfarina believes and hopes that their cooperation will last long enough and create a new mark on the market. With the launch of Pininfarina Karma GT. the carmaker also wishes to spread its wings in the world automotive market.

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Karma’s first aftereffect of the combination with renowned Italian design, Pininfarina is two-entryway roadster that implants the cutting edge styling, innovation and plans dreams for the present world. It is astonishingly dazzling.

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As we mentioned earlier, the future of the Karma GT by Pininfarina is still undetermined, because it depends on the fan feedback that will also decide whether the car will enter the production line or not. In case the car gets a green light, the Pininfarina Karma GT will be offered in very limited quantities, which should keep the collectors on their toes.

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