La Errería Ático 2L: A Pleasant and Unique Space

La Errería ático 2l 4

Ático 2L is a special penthouse that is designed to meet the needs of customers who wished to have a pleasant and special getaway in high places. The team at La Errería took the process of planning the space located in Alicante step by step in the time-adjusted process.

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One of the most striking points of the penthouse is a tall glass window on both sides of the kitchen. The very first special feature of this penthouse is that you can see a different view unfolding just by turning your gaze 45 degrees.

La Errería ático 2l 5

La Errería Ático 2L is also a space created with colors that seem to be infinitely cool even in midsummer. In the space decorated with cool tone gray, white, and lemon color.

La Errería ático 2l 4

The metal panel, which was originally a roof slab, was exposed as it is, but it has a sense of unity with the stainless steel material of the kitchen hood while giving its own cool feeling.

This second special feature of the penthouse maintains the idea of ​​recycling an existing structure into a stylish interior material.

La Errería ático 2l 3

But most of all, the yellow line that halves the space is the main concept of the La Errería Ático 2L which in a way gives a unique detail point of the area.

La Errería ático 2l 1

The yellow pillars and the walls are horizontally cut off, and the indirect lighting leaking out. Meanwhile, the long line lighting on the terrace also expresses these yellow lines.

La Errería ático 2l 2

The La Errería Ático 2L intends to be a compelling space with full of rich design elements that made you feel good. It also is an insightful and examined space where an arranged and requesting development will ensure good outcomes.





Photograph: David Frutos

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