UB05 by URBANbuild: A Multi-Story Duplex with Two Units and A Shared Wall

UB05 By URBANbuild 1

BILD Design is invited to work with Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation for UB05. The student team from URBANbuild then collaborates with TKO Construction and BILD Design on it for the foundation. This project is a multi-story duplex with two units that combined through a shared wall’s opening.


UB05 By URBANbuild 1

UB05 By URBANbuild 2

UB05 By URBANbuild 3

The relationship in this project allows the student from URBANbuild to work with systems and materials in compliance with the goals: “cradle to cradle”. The student also can achieve a project of greater scale than previous projects with access to the heating systems of greater efficiency, solar energy systems, geothermal cooling systems, and also the opportunity to work with an established contractor.



UB05 By URBANbuild 4

UB05 By URBANbuild 5

The two units of this multi-story duplex can be combined through the shared wall’s opening. The primary, larger unit is also raised to anticipate potential future floodwaters. A smaller unit downstairs of this duplex that maintains the connection between the home and surrounding neighborhood also needs to be repaired if this neighborhood ever flooded again.


UB05 Gallery


Photography: URBANbuild

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