SEAT e-Scooter Concept: The future of urban mobility.

Seat E Scooter Concept 2

The competition of electric motorbikes is getting heated up each year where famous automotive companies compete to introduce the latest electric vehicles. This time the approach was done by one of the well-known automotive companies, SEAT.

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SEAT itself is an automotive subsidiary of Volkswagen (VW). Uniquely, parties from the Volkswagen Group always want to prove that they can produce environmentally-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles.


The decision to go green is seen from the product that was launch by Volkswagen where they produce dozens of electric cars. Besides, Volkswagen itself announced the electric concept motorbike that will be produced by SEAT.

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SEAT, a manufacturer that is known as a maker of four-wheeled vehicles has previously introduced SEAT Urban Mobility. SEAT presents a breakthrough in its urban mobility strategy through the first e-Scooter they created through SEAT Urban Mobility.


The electric scooter concept will be exhibited at the Smart City World Expo Show in Spain. Where SEAT introduces two new concepts namely e-Scooter and e-Kickscooter. Our focus this time is on the SEAT e-Scooter

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SEAT e-Scooter which fully uses electric power has a compact design based on geometric shapes. This scooter is planned to be available in the European market in 2020 and will be intended for private and fleet users.

The electric motorbike will also be given a black and red 2-tone accent color to give the impression of luxury.

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Later, this motorbike will use an 11 kW electric motor which is capable of producing 14.8 hp and 240 Nm of torque. Where the figure is equivalent to a scooter with a 125 cc engine. Uniquely, this electric scooter can run up to a distance of 115 km in one charge.

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The SEAT e-Scooter concept is reportedly capable of reaching 100 km / h in point 0 in about 3.8 seconds. Later, the battery from this motor can be disassembled and replace when the battery runs out.

Also, this e-Scooter has enough storage space for two helmets under the seat plus the riders can track the level of the battery through the companion application

Seat E Scooter Concept 7

To meet the European market, SEAT has signed a cooperation agreement with Barcelona-based scooter manufacturer Silence, which will build their e-Scooter at its manufacturing facility in Molins de Rei, which is located between Barcelona and Martorell.

SEAT e-Scooter Concept

Seat E Scooter Concept 2

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