Dango M1 Maverick wrapper is made from full-grain vegan skin (whiskey brown & jet black). The chassis frame uses CNC-machined aluminum 6061 anodized aerospace class, with stainless steel bolts.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 has quite complete features. There is an instrument cluster with a TFT screen that can control various things. There are also five riding modes. The XE models got one special addition riding mode, called Off-Road Pro.

This Minibot is a 4-wheel-drive electric vehicle with high-torque capacity and engine that got its power from rechargable batteries. You can charge it in the field with the original vehicle's 12-volt battery. Lightweight (under 10 lbs.) and low to the ground, it is ideal for bound spaces or remote activities.

The 3-Axis phone gimbal is foldable and more than a half portion of the ATOM can be folded, for which the device is easily portable everywhere and this phone gimbal weighs only 440 grams, which makes it lightweight as well so that your arms will not get tired even if you shoot for a long time.

Tonal has streamlined the training you need by concocting another classification: advanced weights. Fueled by an electromagnetic obstruction motor controlled by a calculation, instead of substantial metal plates and gravity, Tonal's first-of-a-kind advanced weights give smooth and exact weight in single weight and supplant a whole exercise with hardware.

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is currently marketed for "just" $ 500 which is quite cheap for all the innovative features it packed. Seeing the sophisticated features offered, it looks like GoPro has a lot of homework to retain their domination.

There is a simple mechanical principle behind the design: replace compression parts with tensioning components. It’s not rocket science but the key component of the design is being able to lock and tension Lumapod in any position.

One 1.5-hour charge of its 24V/6,000-mAh lithium battery pack ought to be useful for a guaranteed one hour of utilization. A pointer tells clients when the charge level is getting low.